India Developed A Pain-Free Injection Device

India’s Kharapura University of Technology has developed a pain-free injection device. The technology university said that the device consists of very small needles and very small injection tubes, and because the needles are so small, the patient will not feel any pain.

that the needle is the main important part of the subcutaneous injection system; A large amount of drug molecules will be sent through a controlled very small syringe to a very small needle and injected under the skin.

The needle is thinner than a human hair and the diameter has been reduced, according to the Department of Electronics and Electrical Communication Engineering, which developed the needle.

However, the needle has been made stronger to prevent the needle from breaking while injecting the patient.

insulin infusion; Injections for diseases of the circulatory system; Prof. Tarun Kanti Bhattacharya said that subcutaneous injection for some cancers and vaccination against Covid-19 will be able to be done with this needle.

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