The Strange Blue Lights From Earth Seen From The Space

An astronaut on the International Space Station (ISS) captured images of blue light caused by lightning strikes from space using his Nikon D5 camera.

Strange lights from space are unusual, and these intriguing images recently released by NASA’s Earth Observatory have piqued people’s interest. It is a genuine vision of the future that will pique the interest of both scientists and the general public.

This unidentified astronomer was able to capture this breathtaking view of the incomprehensibly cloudy sky 254 miles (408 kilometers) above the Earth. When astronomers use cameras to photograph the view of space, they get stunning blue light images. The images were taken by the astronomer on October 30, last year, but NASA only recently made them public.

Under the supervision of the ISS National Lab program, all astronomers who travel to space use special equipment, including cameras.

But because these photos are of higher quality, they were astounded that they were able to capture them with their digital camera. As seen in the images, the entire layer depicts Southeast Asia, and parts of the Earth can be seen together in the orange-yellow layer parallel to the curve of the Earth.

Thailand, China Laos Vietnam The camera also captured images of the Gulf of Thailand and the South China Sea.

As the clouds thin, you can see a bright blue light at the bottom left. This large beam of light appeared from the Gulf of Thailand and produced images in a number of locations.

On the other hand, an unexpected lightning current is forming near the South China Sea. As a result, these lightning rays are expanding the earth’s landscape from space, making it more beautiful.

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