The Benefits of Eating Banana and How to Keep them for the Good Health

Banana leaves are anti-inflammatory. As a home cure for burns caused by the sun, hot water, or fire, the patient might be wrapped in banana leaves around the damaged area.

Banana stem is well-known in Myanmar as one of the key ingredients of the cuisine Mote-Hin-Khar, which is commonly referred to be Myanmar’s national meal. The banana stem, like the fruit, is high in potassium and magnesium. Along with Ngapi, most people in Myanmar eat Banana Blossom as a pickle (fermenting fish).

Other Advantages

Most gardeners believe that by placing the banana peel under the tree or adding to the soil, the plants will develop nicely and flower. You can also combine it with water to make organic fertilizer.

Banana Snacks from the Village

Steamed Banana Sticky Rice (Mote Phet Htote), Banana with Coconut Milk, Sago Cake (Thar Ku Htote), Banana Semolina (Sanwin Makin), and Banana Milkshake are popular snacks in Myanmar. There are about 1,000 different types of bananas in the world, and different types of bananas are used for different snacks. You can use banana instead of butter and oil in baked goods. There is also a wide range of local bakery products with banana as the main ingredient.

How to Keep a Banana

Bananas should be kept at room temperature and out of direct sunlight. Green banana should not be kept in the refrigerator because it is not fully ripe. Despite the fact that it will be darkened, the flavor will be preserved for at least three days. You can eat overripe bananas without harming your health. Alternatively, you can fry the overripe bananas after coating them with rice flour or tempura flour.

You should avoid eating bananas right before or after dinner, especially at night. Indigestion and mucus formation may occur as a result of banana consumption. Banana is a heavy food, and it may take our stomach a long time to digest it. If you drink a glass of water after eating a banana, you may experience severe indigestion.

When you eat banana on an empty stomach, the high potassium and magnesium content can cause an imbalance in potassium and magnesium levels in the blood. As a result, you should avoid eating bananas when you are hungry.Although bananas are high in nutrients, eating more than a moderate amount may result in weight gain and nutrient deficiencies.