If You’re Having A Lot Of Sleepless Nights

If You’re Having A Lot Of Sleepless Nights,
Many of us have had numerous sleepless nights during our lives. Exams, work, parties, and games cause us to lose sleep frequently. After sleeping much less than the prescribed sleeping hours, we feel cranky and are unable to work optimally. Long-term sleep deprivation, on the other hand, can lead to more serious health issues. Today, I’ll go over nine of the negative consequences of not getting enough sleep.

Memory and focus are impaired.

During sleep, your brain builds connections that aid in the processing and memory of new information. When you don’t get enough sleep for a lengthy period of time, your brain becomes fatigued and unable to function properly. It affects alertness, concentration, attention, and problem-solving for starters. It will be more difficult for you to learn effectively as a result of this. During exam days, I normally attempt to obtain at least 7 hours of sleep.

I understand how difficult it is to get enough sleep on those days. However, in my experience, if I get enough sleep the night before an exam, I can perform considerably better and score higher. In addition, a lack of sleep can result in an accident. According to a research conducted in the United States, sleep deprivation causes 100,000 motor accidents and 1,500 crash-related deaths per year.