Germany Will Start Building Roads That Allow EVs To Be Charged While Being Driven

In the worldwide endeavor to lessen dependence on fossil fuels, electric cars are crucial. Since the batteries’ performance has significantly increased, electric vehicles are now considered to be more practical for charging EVs.

It’s like a dream to be able to charge while operating an electric vehicle. However, it is about to occur. Germany is poised to start its first public road project using wireless charging, according to Businesswire.

At first, wireless technology will be used to charge electric buses while they are moving along the route. The road necessary for this project will be constructed by Electreon, a business that creates wireless charging technology.

The technology of the company is economical, and it was picked because it is adaptable and excellent at charging cars. When driving a car, it will be inexpensive and able to charge while parked.

For a platform dubbed Charging as a service (CaaS), Electreon also collaborates with cities and automobile service providers. Together with prominent German electric charging facility builder EnBW, Electreon will construct the 0.62-mile Electric Road System (ERS).

At the bus stops, two parking charging systems will be built. Two phases will be used to implement the system, which will be developed in the city of Balingen. Two parking charging systems and a 400-meter charging system will be part of the first phase.

A further 600 meters of charging road will be added during the second phase. The requirement for electric vehicle charging stations will diminish over time if the tests are successful and are adopted broadly. So here’s a noteworthy German technological advancement.

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