The KF-X fighter prototype that will appear next year

Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI) will unveil a prototype of the KF-X fighter jet in April next year. In the latest issue of Fly Together magazine, published by KAI, a photo of the fuselage of the KF-X fighter was included. There are no details about this aircraft in the magazine, but the Janes news agency reports that this aircraft will begin practical flights in 2022.

South Korea’s only aircraft manufacturing company, KAI, is now producing the upper part, upper part, and fuselage for the fifth-generation KF-X fighter plane. The lower and middle parts are already manufactured and installed. Block 0, the progressive development of KF-X fighters. Block 1, It is designated as Block 2. Block 0 means the prototype of the fighter. Tests and final production will take place within four years of the prototype unveiling, with a pilotable aircraft emerging in mid-2026. The Block 1 phase will come out between 2026 and 2028, and in that phase, air-to-ground and air-to-air weapon systems may be partially installed.

The Block 2 stage is the last stage and may come out in 2029. At this stage, the aircraft is fully armed and ready for combat. According to KAI officials, they have currently received 15 aircraft engines from General Electric. Six aircraft will be produced for the prototype, each with two engines. The remaining three engines will be used as backup. The KF-X fighter jets will replace the F-4D/E Phantom 2 and F-5E/F Tiger 2 pilots currently in use by South Korea. The current production target of KF-X aircraft is 120, and General Electric Company will produce 240 aircraft engines and auxiliary engines.

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