Newcastle Vs Manchester United Lives Prediction, Head to Head Results , Teams Injuries and Suspended List

Manchester United will take on Newcastle in their 17th Premier League game at 2.30 am (Myanmar Time) on Tuesday. United is currently sixth in the table with 27 points. If United wins the remaining two games, they will finish fourth in the table.

Newcastle could have reached the knockout stages if they had played all 18 games. They were 19th in the relegation zone with 10 points at the time, and if they had lost to United, they would have dropped to the bottom of the table.

United is in good form right now, having won six of their last six league games without losing Newcastle United. They have only won one of their last 18 Premier League games and have only allowed 41 goals in that time.

In total, United has made 171 appearances in all competitions, winning 90 and losing 43. However, after the twentieth and twenty-first centuries, Newcastle United has frequently failed to defeat United.

Manchester United has won six of the last seven meetings between the two clubs. United has won four of their last four games. To advance to the knockout stages, you must win the games you deserve to win, which means you must win a goalless draw.

Newcastle United’s last five Premier League results DWLLL. The most recent result was Newcastle 0-4 Manchester City.

Last 5 Premier League Results for Manchester United – LDWWW. The most recent result was: Norwich 0-1 Manchester United

Head to Head Results

United 4-1 Newcastle
United 3-1 Newcastle
Newcastle 1-4 United
United 4-1 Newcastle